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Lance Horning

Position: Water Resources Engineer
A smiling man sitting at a desk, writing on a paper, with a bottle of Mountain Dew in the foreground.

Lance has been instrumental in the successes of many district projects from afar. He is originally from and still resides in Corvallis, Oregon. Lance was raised on a family farm, an upbringing that shaped his future career as an engineer. He saw from an early age issues that farmers are faced with, and he wanted to work towards finding solutions. He studied engineering at Washington State University, earning a bachelors and masters degree in the process. Upon graduation, Lance jumped into working at several conservation districts, and over 20 years later he is still hard at work. During his down time, Lance enjoys getting outdoors to do some hunting, occasionally fishing, hiking, and camping. He also devotes plenty of time to has family and “chases his kids around”. If you are near the Tucannon or Touchet Rivers in Columbia County, you may just get lucky and see him tromping around the streams in his preferred aquatic attire, Wrangler Jeans.