Irrigation Program

The Columbia Conservation District in partnership with the Washington State Conservation Commission offers cost share opportunities to landowners to install more efficient irrigation systems.

How the program works

  • In order to be eligible, participants must have valid water rights in one of 16 identified fish-critical basins
  • Program pays up to 85% of total costs for landowners to implement perscried best management practices that increase the effeciency to crop water delivery to irrigated agriculture (up to $400,000 per contract)
  • On-farm projects receive irrigation water management planning
  • Source metering and fish screening prescrived as appropriate
  • Pro-rated portion of saved water is transferred too the states Trust Water Rights program for in-stream flows (proportion based on cost share amount)

How the program began

The program began in 2001 from private land owners and environmentalists who wanted to cooperatively restore in-stream flows for endangered salmonid populations within the states 16 critical basins.

Additional Program information:

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