Soil Health Program

Info on Soil Health

Why are soils important?

Acts as a growing medium and a water filter

Provides habitat for billions of organisms, contributing to biodiversity and creating healthy organic matter

And supplies most of the antibiotics used to fight diseases

Why should we care?

Soil is part of the circle of life. Soil is a large part of sustaining the balance of nature. We expect our food and other needs to come from it, but what do we truly know about soil? What if soils began to die? How would this effect the balance?

Dying soil is occurring. When soil becomes barren it will no longer host life. This could be catastrophic to survival on earth. The goal of Columbia Conservation District (CCD) is to better understand why this is happening, at what point does it occur and how can we keep soil from reaching such drastic levels.

CCD has been working alongside partners from WSU Extension, to investigate the problems, evaluate solutions, implement opportunities, and adapt to the outcomes. The Soil pH and Nutrients project began in 2013, with roughly 30 landowners involved in applying lime to the fields.

After a 5 year study, observations led us to understand that the amounts initially applied were not enough. After more research, a sub-project emerged, which included looking at the soil from a more wholistic manner utilizing the Kinsey Agricultural Services, to apply not only lime but any Macro and Micro-nutrients needed to balance the soil from all sides. This project is currently on a field separate from the initial project fields, is roughly 60 acres in size and is located 5 minutes outside of Dayton in the heartland of the foothills to the Blues Mountains.

CCD, along with partners, are hopeful in providing the data necessary to combat the current and future issues within the soil.

For more information about the districts soil project, and programs available to help your soil problems, please call or email Aneesha Dieu, District Manager. Information can be found in the contacts page.

Together we can realize the solutions towards sustaining fruitful soils and preserving the balance of nature.